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Gyula Castle

Nine hole bridge

The Black Eagle Palace, Oradea

The streets of Arad

The Red Church ( The Lutheran Church in Arad)

Facade decorations in Arad

Facades in Arad

The Library of Arad

The buildings of Arad

Monuments in Arad

The Arch of Triumph, Arad

The Reformed Church in Arad

The Old Orthodox Cathedral in Arad

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Arad

The Serbian Church

Statues in Arad

The State Theatre from Arad

Churches in Arad

The Water Tower in Arad

The New Orthodox Cathedral in Arad

The Golden Bull Hotel

Bátori Wax Museum

The buildings of Békéscsaba

Monuments in Békéscsaba

Churches in Békéscsaba

Csokonay Theatre

The buildings and churches of Csongrád

Monuments in Csongrád

Statues in Debrecen

The streets of Debrecen

MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen

The botanical garden of Debrecen

The Debrecen University

Facade decorations in Debrecen

The buildings and churches of Debrecen

Monuments in Debrecen

The Reformed Gymnasium in Debrecen

The Old County Hall inDebrecen

Statues in Debrecen

Winter in Debrecen

Buildings in Debrecen

Buildings and facades in Debrecen

Déri Museum


The streets of Felix

The botanical garden of Felix

Gyula, city of fountains

Tourist attractions in the city of Gyula

Aqua Hotel,Gyula

Erkel Memorial Museum, Gyula

The Kohan Gallery in Gyula

Flea market, Gyula

Sweet Manufactury, Gyula

The Catholic Church, Gyula

The Library of Gyula

Ladics Memorial House, Gyula

Monuments and churches of Gyula

Palinka Tasting Room, Gyula

Statues in Gyula

Century old pastry shop, Gyula

Wild ducks in Gyula

The Citadel of Gyula

The Castle of Gyula

Hajdúszoboszló- Aqua Palace

Hajdúszoboszló- Streets – Buildings


The Bell Collection ,Hajdúszoboszló

Statues in Hajdúszoboszló

Tourist attractions in Hortobágy

The streets of Hodmezővásárhely

The buildings of Hodmezővásárhely

Monuments in Hodmezővásárhely

View from the tower-Oradea

The streets of Lugos

The buildings of Lugos

Monuments in Lugos

Churches in Lugos

The Karoly Castle of Carei

The Cityscape of Carei

The buildings of Oradea

The streets of Oradea

The Town Hall Tower in Oradea

St. László Reformed Church, Oradea

Monuments in Oradea

The Orthodox Church, Oradea

The Reformed Church, Oradea

The Promenade in Oradea

Churches in Oradea

The Citadel of Oradea

Nelson - Restaurant- Paistry Shop

The County Hall of Nyiregyháza

Nyiregyháza Gallery

Józsa András Exhibition, Nyiregyháza

Józsa András Museum, Nyiregyháza

Korona Hotel, Nyiregyháza

Zrínyi Ilona Street, Nyiregyháza

The Lutheran Church, Nyiregyháza

The Greek Catholic Bishop’s Palace, Nyiregyháza

The Greek Catholic College, Nyiregyháza

The Greek Catholic Church Art Exhibition, Nyiregyháza

The Greek Catholic Church,  Nyiregyháza

Locks in Nyiregyháza

The Reformed Church, Nyiregyháza

The Old Tram, Nyiregyháza

The Roman Catholic Cathedral, Nyiregyháza

The Courthouse, Nyiregyháza

Bátori Museum, Nyírbátor

Minorita Church, Nyírbátor

Bátori Castle, Nyírbátor

The fishing lake, Nyírbátor

The Reformed Church, Nyírbátor

„Sárkány”Bath, Nyírbátor

The buildings of Nyíregyháza

Monuments in Nyíregyháza

Churches in Nyíregyháza

The streets of Nyíregyháza

Byzantine Chapel, Nyíregyháza

Churches in Nyíregyháza

The Cityscapes of Nyíregyháza

Nyírviz Palace

Partium Christian University- Oradea

The Old Town Hall, Oradea

Réti Reformed Church- Oradea

The streets of Szeged

The buildings of Szeged

Monuments in Szeged

Churches in Szeged

St. Anna Church

Statues in Nyíregyháza

Sóstó Open-air Village Museum

Sóstó Zoo

The streets of Timisoara

The buildings of Timisoara

Monuments in Timisoara

Churches in Timisoara

Church on the promenade- Oradea

Crisul Department Store, Oradea

Emeke Hotel, Oradea

Holdas Church, Oradea

Friars’ Church, Oradea

Facade decorations in Oradea

Facades in Oradea

Cris waterfront, Oradea

Moskva Cafe, Oradea

Statues in Oradea

Interior of the theatre, Oradea

Historical city walk-Nyírbátor

The buildings of Valea lui Mihai

Monuments in Valea lui Mihai

Churches in Valea lui Mihai

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