Leisure activities

Most of the tourists are interested in experiencing the local culture, but there are others who would like to spend their time in an active way and try out as many new things as they can. These various activities help tourists release pressure and make it easier to go back to the routine of their work.

The eight border counties offer a wide range of leisure activities. There are paintball fields in almost each of the counties. Paintball is a well organized series of mini-adventures that raise the adrenalin level and involve serious physical activity, spread over a full or part day.

There are also many natural reservations where one can wander around, on foot or by bike. If you didn't bring your own bicycle, you have the possibility to rent one. Those who would rather walk have several options for hiking in the conservation area, or even in the Bihor mountains, where one can also explore the caves.

Since caving may be dangerous, it is advisable to be properly equipped. Another attraction is horse riding or horse riding lessons. In Hortobágy, one can take a horse-drawn carriage ride, which is one of the most picturesque ways to see a new place.

Some tourists like to spend their time with boating and kayaking. Water sports fans may do here several activities suitable to their taste, since there are rivers in the area. Those who would rather stay on dry land can take advantage of the facilities offered by the hotels that have tennis courts or football fields. The most demanding guests may even play golf. In Bihor County, there is a golf course which occupies several hectares of land.

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