Fishing- relaxation and sport in one

In the past, fishing was a way to earn a living, the source of one's food, but today it has become a favourite past time activity. However, the sense of achievement may change into frustration, especially if a big fish gets away, but it leaves the fisherman with a story to tell around the fire.

Fortunately, fishing is a traditional activity in the area and many entrepreneurs saw the touristic potential of a well-equipped fishery. A good example is Turulung fishing lake, which is one of the best well-kept lakes in Satu Mare County.

There are other facilities besides fishing, such as camping or cooking. In Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, the lake system from Csengersima is very popular, due to its proximity to the border, so many people come here to see if a Romanian or a Hungarian fisherman catches the larger prey at the end of the week.

There is also the possibility to rent the equipment. In Bihor, the most frequented fishing place is Cris, but one can find numerous natural, artificial and even mining lakes in Timis or Arad.

In Szeged , the greatest amount of fish is caught in Tisza river, while in Békéscsaba and Gyula there are countless fishing possibilities where not only the sportsmen, but also their families can have a good time.

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