Local customs and traditions

Wandering around the eight border counties, it is worth visiting the rural settlements, since they preserve best the local customs. Village museums and cottages are far from being able to give a comprehensive picture of rural life, as when we have a taste ourselves, even literally.

The rich offer of traditional dishes makes one forget about fast food restaurants. In Satu Mare County, polenta specialties and corn bread are the highlights of the menu. In the area of Carei, it is worth tasting the Swabian specialty called "strudli", be that with jam, potatoes or cheese. Békés County is famous for its sausages, prepared after an old traditional recipe, so it is no wonder that the Csabai and Gyulai brands are considered Hungarikum products.

Hajdú- Bihar County is very popular for its traditional shepherd recipes, whose rich nutritious taste become irresistible, due to the less common ingredients such as grey beef (old beef cattle breed from Hungary) or mangalitsa (breed of pig grown especially in Hungary and the Balkans, also known as curly-hair hog).

In Szeged, fish specialties are greatly appreciated, for instance the worldwide known Hungarian fish soup, but beware: besides its unique flavours, it is also very spicy.

Although it is not a typical Romanian dish, the hot dog sausage is quite popular in Arad. In fact, a hot dog sausage festival is held every year at Hunyadi Castle. The culinary tradition is represented by venison recipes in Belényes area, Bihor County. But all this food might make us thirsty.

You can really get up an appetite if you drink a shot of palinka (traditional brandy produced from fruit, mainly in Hungary and Transylvania), or end a delicious meal with one of the excellent wines produced in the area surrounding Arad.

Customs have been preserved not only in gastronomy, but also in festivals and fairs, for example a festival in  Satu Mare and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Counties, where they use traditional techniques to process meat(böllérverseny).

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