Bihor county – romantic landscapes, thermal water and the Ady cult

Bihor is considered one of the wealthiest counties of Romania, partly because of the foreign firms which started their business here, but also due to the rich natural values.

Located in the north-west of Romania, the county has a population of 600,000 according to the latest estimates, of whom 205,000 live in Oradea, the county seat. At present 404,000 Romanian residents live on the county's territory and 150,000 Hungarian minorities, representing a percentage of 25,91%. There are also Slovak and Roma communities.

Oradea dates back to a small XIth century castle. The castle ruins are still visible and  its surroundings have recently been arranged as a park, where different leisure activities take place. Several blocks of flats were built around the ruins. Among the other places worth visiting one should see the Roman Catholic Cathedral, which is one of the biggest baroque church, the Canon-line, built between 1760-1875 in classical baroque style.

A symbol of the city is The Black Eagle Palace which opened in November 1908. Previously there was the Eagle Inn, where the first theatrical performance in Hungarian took place in 1798. Oradea is a genuine pilgrimage place for the literature lovers. Ady Endre lived and worked here at the beginning of the XXth century. Several institutions in the city carry the writer's name, including the Ady Endre Memorial Museum.

The total area of 7,544 square kilometers of the county includes the Western Lowland,  the West Hills, Plopiș Mountains, Piatra Craiului Mountains, Bihor Mountains and Vladeasa Mountains. This is one of the reasons why a large number of tourists come here, drawn by the spectacular landscapes, from the lowest to the highest points. There are lots of caves in the mountains, some of them can be visited in organized groups, while others are to be discovered only by experienced speologists.

The county's tourist attractiveness is increased by the healing thermal water and popular bathing areas. At only 8 kilometers from Oradea we can find Felix and 1 Mai Baths, whose water sometimes reaches the surface temperature of 49 degrees, making the abovementioned places excellent medical treatment centers.


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