Csongrád County – nature, festivals and remembrance of ancestors

The county is in southern Hungary and its present territory is a result of the regional planning from 1950.

At the same time the county seat was moved from Szentes to Hódmezővásárhely, then in 1962 to Szeged. At present there are 60 settlements in the Southern Plain region and a population of 423,000. From a demographic point of view, in the 18th century Serbian minorities were present but, in time, they merged with the Hungarian majority.

The county is almost entirely lowland, crossed by the Mures, Cris and the 100 kilometers long Tisa rivers, but also by a large number of lakes. An interesting fact is that Gyálarét, which is considered the warmest settlement in Hungary, can also be found here.

The presence of rivers and sunshine makes the county'soil ideal for agriculture. The region is renowned for its production of grain and fruit, the Szeged paprika, the Makó onion and garlic. The climate is favorable to wine production and the most famous Hungarian meat processing factory, Pick, is also located here.

The county's tourist center is the capital city, Szeged. The city with a population of 170,000 offers attractions such as the Cathedral Square, the Votive Church and the musical clock. Those who prefer religious tourism might be interested in the Orthodox Serbian Church and synagogues, as well as the Franciscan Church.

The nature lovers will probably spend more time at the Szeged Zoo - the zoo was opened in 1989 and it lies on 44 ha of woodland. Countless species of animals can be seen, grouped according to their provenance.

Ópusztaszer is considered a pilgrimage place for the history lovers. The National Historic Park opened here in 1982 and it hosts an open-air ethnographic museum, where you can see painter Árpád Feszty's grandiose vision of the Hungarian conquest. There is a large number of statues representing great personalities of Hungarian history and several events are held here, such as Betyártoborzó (Rascal Recruitment), Íjásztalálkozó ( Archery meeting), Szent István Nap( Saint Steven day) or Szobori búcsú (Statue Farewell).

Csongrád County is well known for the festivals that take place here almost every month. Szeged awaits its visitors at the Paprika Festival, Guitar Festival and Várjátékok( Castle Games). The Tarhonya Festival is in Szeged-Tápén, The Rooster Cooking Festival in Pusztamérges, and these are only two of the various events.


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