Debrecen – The University Botanic Garden

The University Botanic Garden from Debrecen is almost two centuries old. The site of the first botanic garden was marked by the city council of that time.

The Botanic Garden today lies behind the University, covering more than 13 ha and it dates back to 1928. The first years were dedicated to the planning of the garden.

Later on a pond was added and, in 1940, the statues of Diószegi Sámuel and Fazekas Mihály,  authors of The Hungarian Botany Book, were placed by the pond.

The garden is constantly developing and enriching its collection. Greenhouses were built, creating a suitable environment for plants brought from distant continents. As a result, visitors may find here more than 8,000 species.

Visitors stroll through the garden admiring the evergreen landscape, the acacia woods  and the pond surrounded by water lilies and swamp cypress.

The arboretum contains species thought to be extinct like the Chinese giant redwood, which was brought to Hungary in 1960. Germinated plants were sent from Debrecen to the other botanic gardens.

There are tropical weather conditions in the palm house. Here we can find the most precious plant of the garden, the more than 80 years old sago palm.

The tropical melon tree and different spice trees can be seen in the greenhouse. The Botanic Garden also has a great collection of cactus species, more than 150 genera and 2,500 species.


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