Timis County- Canaan of wine and healing mineral water

Timis is located in the region of Banat and, with a surface of 8697 square kilometers, it is the largest county in Romania.

According to the 2002 census, the population was of 677,926 inhabitants. Besides Romanians (565,639), the county features the following minorities: Hungarian(50,556), Serbian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Jews and Roma. The county seat is Timisoara with a population of 307,000 inhabitants.

Timisoara's present territory was under Roman domination starting with  the IInd century. It received its name from the Tiberis river, some of its branches still flowing across the area.

Timisoara is the citadel of intercultural tourism, since several nations live here together. You should not miss the Serbian orthodox choir or the Serbian theatre company Thalia. The National Theatre of Timisoara was founded in 1946, followed by the Hungarian and German sections in 1953.

Some of the sights worth seeing are the three synagogues, none of which function anymore, but stil valuable from an architectural and cultural point of view. There are four museums in Timisoara: the Ethnographic, Art, History, Archeology and Natural history, as well as The Memorial Museum of the 1989 Revolution, which offers a full insight into the revolution in Timisoara. Strolling through the Union Square, one can admire The Trinity Statue, one of the representative monuments of the city, and the mineral water fountain.

Although Timisoara is the tourist center, there are several villages nearby which hold pleasant surprises for the visitors. There is excellent mineral water at Buzias Bath, which is placed on the market under the same name, Buzias. The thermal baths offer treatment especially for the heart, nerves, digestive system and vascular diseases.

Recas is a suitable place for those who appreciate fine wines, considering that it used to be the national vineyard. Today the Recas Cellars distribute quality wines throughout the country. The best local varieties are "feteasca regala", cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir and  pinot gris.


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